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Critical Covid Defense Measures for African-Americans

African-Americans have specific genetic traits and adaptations that pre-dispose them to higher risks of disease with Covid. AFLDS Affiliate Physician Dr. Christina Parks, Phd., discusses key risks and solutions in this informative video. Watch this and talk to your healthcare provider about the facts within it so you can reduce your risks and protect your health!


Angelic Johnson is a Liason with United Healthcare Workers of America. She is fighting back against vaccine mandates in defense of her family, community, and country. 

Thanks to her efforts to inform the population great progress has been made for the cause of health freedom. 

She is a grandmother of a vaccine-injured child, and as a black American, Angelic represents a vulnerable population to vaccines. 

Angelic’s mission is to inspire hope for those harmed by vaccines as she has witnessed her grandson significantly recover from vaccine-related autism symptoms. 

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