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Africa Has Less Than 3% Of The WHO’s Expected Covid Deaths

Why does Africa have less than 3% of the Covid deaths that the WHO predicted for them? Dr. John Thomas postulates it's their use of hydroxychlorquine. He backs up this claim with over 900 successful Covid patients in his private Texas practice. Watch this video to see his effective advice for combating the Covid virus.


You know, this is a real disease and a vaccine is not the only treatment for COVID, there are alternative treatments.

Based on the studies that have come out of the continent of Africa, the World Health Organization stated that they would have 5.3 million deaths in the continent of Africa in the year 2020, and at the end result was 153,000 deaths only. So what was their magic recipe in that continent? it was taking the malaria pill.

And so I have treated over 900 patients in my private practice and we've had two deaths and this virus leaves behind an aftermath of inflammation from your brain that causes you to have a headache and lose, smell and taste. It causes inflammation of your lung that makes it difficult to breath, cough, inflammation of your guts, that makes you not have nausea and vomiting.

So the treatment that I have placed is high dose of steroids, hydroxychloroquine, the malaria pill and ivermectin. And people have done extremely well, and this is available. If your local doctor can give it to you, then I would ask to contact America's Frontline Doctors or go on and make a telemedicine appointment.