The Science Explained

AFLDS Doctors Speak Out at The River Church in Lansing, Michigan

Dr. Christina Parks, Ph.D., and Dr. John Thomas speak at The River Church on the latest science about vaccine safety, efficacy, and how to protect your health without getting vaccinated. Dr. Parks is a University of Michigan Ph.D., in Cellular Biology with a focus on scientific integrity and an advocate for informed consent. Her research focus includes the history of medical experiments and the legacy of crimes by the medical community. She has documented vaccine injuries in Kenya that resulted in sterilization and has a deep understanding of why Covid vaccines are resulting in similar injuries today. Dr. Parks is a wealth of knowledge for those seeking alternative treatments to protect themselves from Covid. Dr. John Thomas is the Founder of Operation Hope USA and has treated over 900 patients for Covid with incredible results. He travels the world treating underserved populations and was awarded the Red Cross Medical Champion of The Year award for his work. Dr. Thomas presents a spiritually-informed position on Covid that is humorous and inspiring. He points out the insanity of the current Covid policies that eliminate patient choice and force patients to get sick before they can even receive treatment.