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  • Harmful Health Effects: Lockdowns are not feasible for seasonal viruses like influenza or Covid-19. In an urban, complex, modern world, shutting down the economy and human life for 1/3 of every year causes exponentially greater downstream harm in poverty, social isolation, depression, alcoholism, delayed and limited access to healthcare resulting in death. In addition drier, uncirculated air of indoor environments encourages viral transmission.

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  • Don’t Work: The most obvious proof that lockdowns don’t work is Sweden (not locked down) whose numbers were better than her European neighbors which did lock down. Furthermore, during the second wave, Sweden’s numbers are much better than its neighbors, implying lockdowns are simply irrelevant, as the virus must just get through the community, and once it does, numbers are low. Even under conditions of extreme (voluntary) lockdown the virus gets through.

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  • Illegal: There is no legal precedent or legal authority for the United States government to “lockdown” its citizens. The United States Supreme Court has ruled in Shelton v. Tucker 364 U.S. 479 (1960) that the government cannot broadly curtail personal liberty. And there is no legal precedent or authority for locking down healthy citizens. The police power of quarantine only is possible against ill persons. Jew Ho v. Williamson 103 F. 10 (1900) and Wong Wai v. Williamson 103 F. 384 (1900).

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