Civic Duty

Freedom is defined as:

is defined as: Freedom

The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. The power to do what you want to do: the ability to move or act freely.

is defined as: Freedom

Importance of Freedom

What is freedom, or liberty? Freedom begins with the fundamental idea of self-determination. In America, this concept is recognized in the Declaration of Independence as inalienable rights we are born with these freedoms, and they are inherent in our nature. Are you a concerned individual who wants to make an impact on public policy or simply someone who wants to create change in your community? Let us show you the way.

“The importance of freedom is that it allows us to develop our morality and our consciences.”

Isabell Schimmel

How to make impact in your community:

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    Speak at your local school board meetings.

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    Join the digital Army Forward and post truth everywhere.

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    Volunteer to bring “The Uncensored Truth Tour” or “Seeing 2020” Documentary to your local Community.

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    Meet with faith leaders.

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    Talk to your local pharmacists about medical Freedom.

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    Vote for people that uphold the constitution.

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    Speak up talk with your neighbors and friends. We will save this great country by sharing truth.

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    Call your Legislators. Hold them accountable to uphold the Constitution.

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    Speak up with your neighbors and friends. Spread truth.

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    Work with your community members in order to find Freedom Physicians that uphold their oath to do no harm and respect the physician/ patient relationship.

Community Meetings

Not everyone can attend EVERY meeting. We are at war and battle plans are a necessity. Consider forming battalions to attend specific meetings. Brief each other in local Citizen Corps and act. We must speak up!

Possible battalion groups: City council, school board, county commissioner, county health board, etc. Divide and conquer!

Taking back local communities impact and empower other communities. Together we take back america!

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Citizens are responding to the concerns of their neighbors and communities by stepping forward to run for local political offices.

Did you know, that if you are 18 or older you can become a leader in your community and run for a local office?

Leadership Institute

Leadership Institute