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Dr. Gold Emerges Victorious in Landmark Free Speech Case

Dr. Gold emerges victorious in her fight against the California Medical Board, overcoming a flagrant abuse of power and once again proving that she cannot and will not be silenced.

As we previously reported in November, Dr. Gold and her legal team concluded a grueling 3-day long medical licensing hearing with the California Medical Board (CMB). Dr. Gold's impeccable decades-long career, supported by stellar character witnesses and countless sworn declarations, completely debunked the CMB's dubious charges against her. 

The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), Abraham M. Levy, had 30 days after the conclusion of the hearing to deliver a decision in this landmark free speech case. Surprisingly, the law permitted his decision to be delivered directly to the CMB with no requirement to inform Dr. Gold. The medical board was then given 100 days to decide whether to adopt, modify or reject the ALJ’s decision. 

Dr. Gold is Still Standing

In a historic victory against the California Medical Board, Dr. Gold has successfully retained her physician’s license, overcoming a flagrant abuse of power and once again proving that she cannot and will not be silenced. The CMB had threatened to revoke her license and we have seen that result happen to several freedom doctors across the nation. 

The CMB wasted tens of thousands of tax-payer dollars on a fraudulent witch-hunt in their efforts to target an outstanding physician. These tiny bureaucrats laid many hurdles before the feet of this brave freedom warrior who has dedicated her entire life to serving the American people. 

The board’s unconstitutional scheme to strip Dr. Gold of her license collapsed under the weight of their own tyranny. They sought to tear down Dr. Gold’s career, but agreed to limit their punishment to a public reprimand. Their efforts to damage the reputation of a physician who represents the best of American medicine fell flat and the only reputation that was damaged is that of the California Medical Board.

Dr. Gold’s victory against the CMB is a firm reminder that those who take a stand against tyranny must be prepared to take the punches and never back down. Dr. Gold will always stand for freedom.

The Need for Moral Courage

Dr. Gold’s case with the CMB further exposes the broken system and the rogue actors thriving where tyranny is allowed to prosper. Judges must have the moral courage to do what's right when faced with clear and present corruption within the system.

The CMB only presented evidence of Dr. Gold’s misdemeanor presence at the Capitol on J6, a very odd approach given their original allegation of “spreading misinformation” that began in December 2021. The trial consisted almost entirely of questions from the CMB to Dr. Gold about January 6, so much so that Dr. Gold eventually joked: “I thought double jeopardy was illegal in this country.” The only other evidence was Dr. Gold’s testimony and peer witnesses’ who attested to Dr. Gold’s excellent clinical work and reputation. 

There is no precedent for the California Medical Board to involve itself in physicians’ nonmedical misdemeanors. By law, the CMB is not empowered to sanction doctors for nonmedical misdemeanors, and in fact has never done so in its 147-year history. The ALJ had an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the enormous power of the government to use its agencies as weapons against individual citizens, but he did not venture into that territory. 

In fact, the CMB prosecutor does not have the authority to bring a second J6 trial! But that is exactly what she did. There was no pretense that this trial was actually about the allegation of misinformation. In fact, the CMB offered no testimony on anything but J6. 

So while we are pleased that Dr. Gold was vindicated, the board should have been held accountable for their unchecked abuse of power. Agencies threatening citizens’ livelihoods by usurping power is intolerable. Stay tuned for the next update to learn about what step Dr. Gold will take next in her unwavering fight for our freedom!

Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of this republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom."