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The California Medical Board: Rogue Actors in a Broken Justice System

Dr. Gold’s lawsuit against the California Medical Board exposes a broken system that grants a weaponized medical board the ability to operate above the ruling of a judge, effectively authorizing them to act as judge, jury, and executioner.

As previously reported, Dr. Gold and her legal team concluded a grueling 3-day long medical licensing hearing with the California Medical Board (CMB). The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) had 30 days after the conclusion of the hearing to deliver his decision in this landmark free speech case, which was expected on or before December 15th.

However, the ALJ’s decision goes directly to the CMB with no requirement to inform Dr. Gold of the results from the hearing. The medical board is then given 100 days to decide whether to adopt, modify or reject the ALJ’s decision. 

How can our “justice system” grant the CMB the ability to operate above the ruling of the ALJ, effectively authorizing them to act as the judge, jury and executioner?

A Broken System Exposed

Dr. Gold’s case against the CMB exposes yet another symptom of our broken justice system. The American people cannot achieve justice when tiny bureaucrats can be allowed to simply overrule the results of an entire legal proceeding while at the same time, a decision from the ALJ can be kept secret from Dr. Gold and her legal team for 100 days. 

The CMB’s dubious charges against Dr. Gold were completely debunked throughout the extensive hearing process, as conclusive evidence was presented to the ALJ, backed by stellar character witnesses and countless sworn declarations.  Despite undoubtedly proving that the CMB clearly exceeded the scope of their authority to illegally strip Dr. Gold of her physician’s license and violated her constitutionally-protected rights, the board can still choose to reject the judge’s decision regardless, allowing them to punish their opposition as they see fit. 

It’s unbelievable and extraordinarily eye-opening that a weaponized and politicized medical board has the ability to supersede a judge’s decision and are legally given permission to act on their own accord. The mere fact that tiny bureaucrats, such as the CMB, are allowed to wield such power surely warrants further investigation and is proof that changes must be made to the current system.

With the 30-day time frame expired, it’s reasonable to conclude that the ALJ has made his decision and it has been delivered to the CMB. And if the board indeed has the results, why do they remain silent in publishing the judge’s decision?

What is the CMB Hiding? 

If the judge has awarded the CMB any level of discipline, it seems highly uncharacteristic of the CMB to not declare victory, given the vast amount of time and resources that the board has exhausted to target and silence Dr. Gold. What exactly are they hiding from the public?

It’s no secret that the CMB has a controversial history of protecting dangerous doctors while at the same time neglecting to safeguard the patients of the state that they’ve been entrusted to protect. This is a stark contrast to the impeccable decades-long career of Dr. Gold, who has dedicated her entire life to providing the best possible care for her patients and spreading the light of truth in this time of mass deceit. 

Their past actions and witch-hunt against Dr. Gold has unequivocally proven that the CMB acts as a tyrannical tool of the Medical Industrial Complex. A loss to a beloved heroine that represents the best of American medicine would surely be a monumental foil to their agenda. Releasing such an unfavorable decision would add yet another embarrassing stain on their record and further peel away at the facade that the CMB’s mission is to “protect and prevent harm.”

It’s important to avoid speculation as we wait for an official statement, but the CMB’s silence leads us to believe that the ALJ has ruled in favor of Dr. Gold and against their flagrant abuse of power to extinguish the loudest voice speaking out against the forced compliance of government-approved narratives. 

Stay tuned – We will continue to keep you updated as this historic story unfolds. 

Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of this republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom."