Concerned that COVID would be a disaster for humanity, governments, public health officials, social media platforms, and mainstream media have presented COVID-fighting measures as science-backed, effective, and worth the costs.  

Together, they have imposed some of the most dramatic public policies in the history of the free world, infringing on nearly all basic freedoms, including freedom of movement, association, expression, religion, commerce, and bodily autonomy.

However, justification for these extreme measures and infringements is far from solid.  For governing bodies to offer recommendations or fund certain interventions requires a relatively low burden of proof because the public isn’t forced to comply by law. But once these recommendations become requirements, such as masks, stay-at-home orders, and vaccination mandates, the government must meet a much higher burden of proof.   

The objective of Frontline Pedia is to present a challenge to the foundations of these policies and present alternatives. 

In particular, Frontline Pedia aims to document the exaggeration of the risks from COVID, the downplaying of the damage caused by containment policies, and the suppression and censoring of alternative, science-backed positions. Included here are diverse sources and pieces of evidence that together show that these policies have not met their required burden of proof and in many cases, led to significant damage.

This collection is designed to communicate the alternative evidence-based narrative for lawyers, journalists, doctors, academics, and concerned citizens who want to better understand the counter-position and reference the sources that support it. 

Limitations and notes

The term “COVID” is these articles refers to both the virus SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) and the disease COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease 2019) unless otherwise specified. 

For brevity, footnotes present both sources as well as additional information to explore. 

Frontline Pedia is a living set of documents that is continually updated as new information becomes available. For all content suggestions, broken links, or other improvements, please contact us at [email protected]