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The news is full of negative news that brings people to despair in humanity. Faith wants to share with you that there is still good news, that there are Good Samaritans that are selfless in their actions to serve their neighbors as they would ask to be served.

Hope Humanity

Two Young Boys Stop And Recites Pledge Of

Allegiance As Flag Was Being Raised Outside Fire Department

Nov 19, 2021

High School Construction Class Students Build Bus

Stop Hut For 5-Year-Old Who Uses Wheelchair

Nov 26, 2021

Family Of Pastor Killed In Car Crash Stuns

Judge And Brings Prosecutor To Tears During Court Hearing

Nov 30, 2021

The ‘Sioux Chef’ Brings Indigenous Food

Back to the Forefront of American Diets

Nov 04, 2021

11-Year-Old Boy Single-handedly Saves 4

Siblings From Fire At Home

Dec 14, 2021

Man Drives To Mayfield, KY, With A

Grill And Truckload Of Food For Tornado Victims

Dec 14, 2021

Father and daughter duo deliver RVs to

people who lost their homes in wildfires

Dec 03, 2021

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