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Wagenmaker & Oberly Law Firm at Epicenter of Board Actions to Dismantle AFLDS, Contrary to Court Directive

February 8, 2023

Ill-Advised Board Disregards Judge’s Instruction to Reach Amicable Settlement; Instead Slanders Dr. Gold in Media and Attempts to Terminate Staff

NAPLES, Fla. – The Founder of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Dr. Simone Gold was recently compelled to direct her whistleblowing efforts within her own camp. Upon attempting to resume her leadership of AFLDS after a self-imposed hiatus due to her 2-month prison sentence related to a controversial J6 misdemeanor, she discovered a rogue member on her non-profit board of directors had been misappropriating funds for himself, compromising key growth initiatives, and enacting a hostile takeover in her absence by firing much of her executive staff based on false and deceptive claims.

Despite months of repeated efforts by Gold to resolve the issues privately with the entire board and with the participation of executive staff and legal counsel, two board members continually refused. Instead, they took even more foundation funds to appoint themselves “CEO” and “COO”, unnecessary positions that never previously existed at AFLDS because it has an active President and Executive Director. These board members and their recently hired “media hit men” retaliated against Gold by defaming her publicly with false, sensational accusations of embezzlement and improper use of funds for purchases the board “allegedly” never knew or approved. An Arizona Judge recently confirmed that these all these accusations were untrue.

The board members admitted to each other in writing that “Dr. Gold would be…correct in her critique that we are doing this just to spite her…” Court records also show the law firm of Wagenmaker & Oberly currently representing the Board of Directors through firm partner Sally Wagenmaker and Associate Kellye Fabian-Story are actively counseling the board members in their public retaliation against Dr. Gold and their totally irrational termination of ALL active AFLDS employees. Simultaneously, the Wagenmaker firm is irresponsibly causing the cannibalization of hundreds of thousands of donation dollars by not encouraging the Board to reach an amicable settlement in the Arizona litigation.

The court now overseeing the dispute also confirmed the obvious facts that AFLDS was created by Dr. Gold, has been operated under her direction ever since, and only exists and succeeds due to her unique and extraordinary abilities, stating:

“This company needs to be “fixed,” and it needs to be “fixed” promptly. The parties to this dispute are the only people who can accomplish this.”

“Gold continues to have a substantial following from many of the employees of the company…Gold was allowed to continue to be heavily involved in AFLDS’s operations by the [Board of Directors]. The chaos that currently exists with this company has arisen, at least in part, due to Gilbert and Mack’s failure to adequately control the company…the Court seriously questions whether Gilbert and Mack have the skill sets to properly run this non-profit company. The Court is not convinced that Gold is causing irreparable injury to this company. In fact, Gold’s skill set appears to be critical to the survival of AFLDS…Indeed, issuing an injunction against Gold might result in the company going out of business.”

Clearly the court is urging the Board to convene with Gold and resolve the issues internally in a manner that facilitates her leadership of AFLDS so the organization will continue to succeed. Gold has brought exceptional results, not only in donations raised but in content and impact delivered, and she has led the organization to a very strong financial position amid historic inflation, incalculable censorship, and constant opposition from government and corporate behemoths. The independent CPA serving as the AFLDS Treasurer has fully documented all financials for the entity including income, assets, and expenditures, and has confirmed this to be the case.

Unfortunately, the Board never made any attempts to reach Gold or signal any intent to pursue a mutual resolution. Instead, the very same day the Arizona Court issued their statement, Kevin Jenkins—who’s never had any role or position at AFLDS—appeared on the Board’s behalf on TV news media to misrepresent the Judge’s directive, slandering Dr. Gold as a “liar” and claiming she was “fired” from her own organization. This malicious and reckless behavior was understandably confusing and concerning to the public supporters of AFLDS, forcing Dr. Gold to later appear on another news program to clarify the Judge’s statement. She made a heartfelt appeal with the audience to contact the Board and urge them to follow the Judge’s request for a reconciliation between her and the Board.

The Board has completely ignored the strong calls to support Dr. Gold from the entire group of nearly 500 frontline doctors known as AFLDS Affiliate Physicians (APs) including a formal letter submitted by AFLDS Physician Liaison Dr. Bryan Atkinson.

AFLDS is encouraging the public to contact Wagenmaker & Oberly, urging them to counsel the Board to heed the Judge’s directive to refrain from further inflammatory actions, and swiftly pursue a mutual resolution with Dr. Gold.

The litigation of this case is ongoing, and Gold has affirmed her commitment to upholding the AFLDS mission of exposing corruption, along with doing her part to reconvene with the Board and work to resolve any past disagreements and produce a solution that allows AFLDS to not only survive, but flourish under her management as she prepares to launch several new initiatives in the medical freedom arena. Gold’s Attorney Jose Jimenez stated, “The Court’s intention is quite clear, and we’re calling on the Board to honor that and to start acting in good faith, to pursue a mutual resolution that honors the public, supports Dr. Gold and preserves the precious donations made to AFLDS by the American people.”

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