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Rogue Lawyer and Disgraced Board Member Continues Ploy to Represent AFLDS with Publicity Stunts

January 9, 2023 

Disgraced Board Member Being Sued by AFLDS in Arizona Over Gross Mismanagement and Malfeasance at AFLDS, but Claiming to Hold Press Conferences on Their Behalf 


NAPLES, Fla – It has come to the attention of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) and Dr. Gold that defendant Joseph “Joey” Gilbert, who is claiming to represent AFLDS, has scheduled a “Press Conference Demanding Answers in Deaths of Young Athletes in Las Vegas” today, January 10, 2023. The plaintiff AFLDS and Dr. Gold have sued defendant and Board member, Joey Gilbert, for his gross mismanagement and malfeasance and are awaiting a hearing at the end of January. This faux “press conference” follows similar attempts by the defendant Gilbert to give the appearance of authority by posing as AFLDS in other faux press conferences and press releases, claiming to request meetings with the NFL, and making other false and defamatory statements against the legitimate leader, Dr. Gold of AFLDS. 


The bona fide AFLDS organization and Dr. Gold strongly dispute the claims of defendant Gilbert and his attempts to represent AFLDS at this faux “press conference”. AFLDS strongly emphasizes to the public that while the case of Gold and AFLDS vs. Gilbert is currently pending, the position of AFLDS is that defendant Gilbert and his surrogates do not properly speak for, nor have the best interests in mind of, AFLDS as a whole and for its employees and its worldwide audience. Today’s host and surrogate Kevin Jenkins, purported “Oversight Committee” chair, who has never had any official position at AFLDS, is merely head of a faux committee engineered by Gilbert following the lawsuit against him. 

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