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Feds for Medical Freedom v. Biden – Federal employees score a huge legal victory against Biden’s mandatory mRNA injections

New Orleans, LA – March 23, 2023

On Thursday, March 23, 2023, a federal court ruled in favor of over 8,500 plaintiff federal employees nationwide in their case Feds for Medical Freedom v. Biden. The employees successfully challenged the defendant Biden Administration’s illegal and coercive “Executive Order No. 14043” (federal employee mandate). A copy of the court’s decision is linked here.

As we previously reported in our Press Release dated September 2, 2022, Biden’s federal employee mandate required the employees to receive experimental mRNA injections or suffer disciplinary actions including job loss. A copy of our Press Release is linked here.

Fortunately, a majority of 10 out of 17 judges in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, sitting en banc, ruled on behalf of the employees. En banc is a French word meaning “on the bench” and it is a rare event, where a case is granted a rehearing by the entire panel of judges. In short, the judges ruled the Biden Administration lacked the constitutional authority to issue the federal employee mandate.

America’s Frontline Doctors’ (AFLDS) legal team was proud to assist the employees in this case. To that end, we were happy to file an amicus curiae brief on the employee’s behalf, a copy of which can be found here

As stated by an AFLDS affiliated attorney, “All Americans can be happy that the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, sitting en banc, issued their remarkable opinion on Thursday, completely supporting medical freedom and our constitutional rights to be free of unwanted, unnecessary, and possibly dangerous experimental injections. The Court was very clear that the administration cannot force irreversible medical decisions upon federal employees against their will.” 

AFLDS applauds and sincerely thanks each of the 10 judges who ruled in favor of the employees. We hope this ruling will prevent government agencies from overstepping their legal bounds in the future. If asked, we will continue to support similar plaintiffs in their legal fight against medical and tyrannical mandates.

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