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Federal Judge Refuses To Grant Temporary Restraining Order Against Dr. Simone Gold, AFLDS President

A Step in the Right Direction: Florida Judge Denies Plaintiff Joey Gilbert’s Request in Dubious Lawsuit

NAPLES, Fla. – a status conference held today revealed that all is not what it appears in a wildly accusatory legal complaint filed against AFLDS Founder and President, Dr. Simone Gold.

The plaintiff Joseph “Joey” Gilbert was seeking “immediate relief” with a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Dr. Gold, which would effectively block her from leading the non-profit she founded in 2020 that has continually served the American public and the world throughout the disinformation campaign surrounding the coronavirus panic. Federal District Court Judge Sheri Polster Chappell refused to grant the plaintiff’s request. She also required a further hearing to consider the defendant’s Motion To Dismiss (MTD) based on jurisdictional and statutory errors made by plaintiff Gilbert. Gilbert’s initial legal complaint is founded on several demonstrably false claims, which AFLDS counsel noted in the hearing, as well as pointing out that the plaintiff, an attorney himself, was recently sanctioned by a Nevada judge for filing a previous frivolous lawsuit that contained a “fundamental lack of evidence.”

While this dispute is in litigation, Gold has limited her comment on the matter pending further court action, but she continues to assure the public and the many supporters of AFLDS across the nation that “AFLDS remains in pursuit of its mission to provide the public with accurate and independent information related to science, medicine, and civil liberties.” She also shared “We will continue to present the evidence and the facts, which will refute all the baseless and outrageous allegations made by the plaintiff in their lawsuit. Our legal counsel made strong arguments in our motion to dismiss hearing which we believe will be persuasive to the Court. We are confident that we will eventually prevail in this legal matter, and we are maintaining our dedication to furthering the AFLDS objective of serving our nation’s citizens and medical professionals.”

No stranger to political, media, and legal opposition, Gold recently overcame a controversial prison term resulting from the political persecution of citizens associated with the January 6 event, and these latest attacks only continue to highlight her effectiveness as a national leader in pushing back against the bureaucracy and advocating for medical freedom and scientific independence. “We must Drain The Science Swamp” Gold proclaimed at a recent appearance, reflecting widespread public distrust of government institutions and public health officials and a growing awareness of their rampant corruption and malfeasance.



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