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Dr. Christina Parks forms Vaccine Injury-Treatment Alliance (VI-TA)

Hesperia, Michigan - July 14, 2022.  One function of AFLDS is to shine the spotlight on other aligned stars in the medical freedom movement.  Many of you have heard of Dr. Christina Parks. In August of 2021, her testimony in support of Michigan house bill HB4471, which sought to ban vaccine mandates went viral. Dr. Gold recognized Dr. Parks’ knowledge and passion and soon brought her into the AFLDS family. Dr. Parks worked tirelessly with the AFLDS legal team in the research and preparation of expert declarations to support many of the lawsuits AFLDS filed in 2021 to attempt to stop and block the illegal injections and mandates.

Vaccine injury is an important element of the medical freedom movement that often takes a back seat. Dr. Parks is seeking to raise awareness of this problem, and create an educational hub for health providers. She has recently formed the Vaccine Injury-Treatment Alliance (VI-TA).  A website for VI-TA is under production at 

Dr. Parks’ vision for VI-TA is a forum for medical, health practitioners, and scientists to share information. This will be via an informative website, webinars, and seminars where information, diagnostics, treatment modalities, and other life-saving information can be created and shared. It will also be a resource for people with vaccine injuries to self-educate and find ways to take control of their health. Watch this video from the recent VI-TA practitioner meeting in Los Angeles:

A GiveSendGo has been created on behalf of VI-TA for website development. Any excess funds raised will go to fund practitioner conferences.   If you are able, please support Dr. Parks’ efforts.

Dr. Parks also hosts a weekly Zoom meeting. Practitioners are encouraged to contact Dr. Parks to be added to the alliance at [email protected]. When the website launches, practitioners and vaccine-injured will be able to register there. 

Since the rollout, Dr. Parks has connected with many people injured by the Covid-19 injections.  She has stressed that people are losing hope because there has been no serious meeting of the minds to create real solutions to this very new and very serious problem. Dr. Parks, through VI-TA, intends to bring hope back to patients and solutions to practitioners. If you or anyone you know has been injured by the Covid-19 injections or other vaccines, please help by donating generously to Dr. Parks’ mission, and stay tuned to VI-TA for the incredible resources being developed.


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