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Deceit and Defamation - AFLDS Says No More

May 20, 2022 – America's Frontline Doctors’ and its Founder, physician and attorney Simone Gold, are saying: No more!  A radical Marxist platform, No License for Disinformation (NLFD), exists to spread defamatory deception and blatant lies since the start of the pandemic. NLFD intends to silence physicians who oppose the mainstream narrative. They actually encourage people to report physicians whom they have never met to their state medical boards! NFLD and Dr. Sawyer are calling for all doctors who prescribe Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, who write mask exemptions, and who don’t believe that the vaccine is a one-size-fits-all drug, to be stripped of their licenses and ability to treat patients. 

The NFLD’s own mission statement boasts the extent of its attacks on free speech:

Our Mission: NLFD aims to ensure that physicians who spread Covid-19 disinformation are held accountable. This includes doctors who have: 

  • Downplayed the seriousness of COVID-19
  • Denied the effectiveness of masks and other evidence-based public health measures
  • Pushed unproven and/or ineffective treatments and medications
  • Shared conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines”

NLFD has taken a thugish approach to silence any healthcare professional who speaks out against the mainstream narrative and proposes alternatives to the treatment and prevention of Covid-19. NFLD claims that healthcare providers who have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients are dangerous. In actuality, the NFLD mission of censorship and threats is both dangerous and illegal. Physicians are trained that medicine is unique to each individual patient. Therefore, patients have a relationship with a physician who knows their unique makeup and health concerns and treats them accordingly. NEVER in history has a treatment or protocol been recommended for all populations regardless of age, health status, pre-existing condition, risk factor, etc. The push for mass vaccination and outright refusal to allow normal prescribing during this pandemic is representative of a world-scale crime against humanity.

Physicians like AFLDS Founder, Dr. Simone Gold, have nobly risked everything to stand by their Hippocratic Oath and refuse to dismiss the effectiveness of early treatment, ventilate patients, put them on Remdesivir and watch them die. Instead, these few brave physicians have remained in the light and truth – sharing with the world that there are cheap, safe and effective treatments that not only have minimal risk profiles but are also effective at reducing the severity of Covid-19 when taken early after onset of symptoms. 

Dr. Nick Sawyer and NLFD are threatening the sanctity of medicine by attempting to strip physicians of their license when they engage in free speech. This is … insane. This is … illegal. This is … bizarre. Dr. Sawyer has become obsessed with Dr. Gold and America’s Frontline Doctors, tweeting about them constantly and highlighting the “disinformation” in op eds. What Dr. Sawyer cannot stand is that so many free-thinking American citizens that have gained knowledge and formed a community based on the AFLDS mission. Dr. Sawyer’s obsessive tweets are overtly repetitive and blatantly overuse the tired catch phrase of “disinformation”. Dr. Sawyer provides no proof of the “dangerousness” of the off-label drugs our physicians suggest, nor does he show proof that the vaccines save lives. Even the CDC has released data showing vaccines LOWER immunity after a brief period. Free speech and individualized health care is not dangerous, groups like NLFD and shameless Nick Sawyer are Marxists trying to eliminate our First Amendment rights. 

If you are like most of America, you are probably seeing this name Dr. Nick Sawyer for the first time. Why haven’t we heard of him before? Why has he worked so tirelessly to destroy opposition to the mainstream narrative? No License for Disinformation is merely posing as grass-roots organization but it is propped up by the De Beamont Foundation and is an overt creation of the Biden Administration. They actually had forgotten to remove their connection to Biden on their website when they launched! At its core, NLFD is a political operative and is engages in textbook propaganda. 

We The People must stop the slander and defamation of physicians who are willing to stand by their patients. 

A demand letter has been sent to Dr. Nick Sawyer and his company, No License for Disinformation, if he does not comply within 30 days, AFLDS and Dr. Gold will seek legal action in the Federal court system. We must not and will not continue to sit idly by while these groups work to remove alternative healthcare options from the American people and cost lives and livelihoods. 

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