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Corrupt Lawyer Joey Gilbert Resigns in Disgrace from AFLDS Board to Avoid Further Legal Scrutiny

March 31, 2023

Controversial attorney known as “Avenatti-Lite” now finds his corruption catching up to him, clumsily resigns

PHOENIX, Ariz. – The corrupt facade of Joey Gilbert continues to crumble around him, as his failed attempt at a hostile takeover of America’s Frontline Doctors is now leading to ethics complaints against him, and his entire slew of high-priced corporate attorneys abruptly quitting on him.

After AFLDS Founder and President Dr. Simone Gold returned from an unjust J6 incarceration and self-imposed leadership hiatus, she resumed her leadership of the organization, only to discover financial malfeasance and other corrupt actions by Gilbert, a now ex-Board member who was clearly operating from the shadows to position himself for a coup in Gold’s absence. The corruption was initially discovered by the independent accounting firm that has managed the AFLDS finances for years, along with the Executive Director, who alerted Gold to the troubling issues and provided her with substantial documentation of Gilbert’s misdeeds. Gold brought this directly to Gilbert and the rest of the Board of Directors privately, urging an immediate investigation and subsequent removal of Gilbert from the Board.

Instead of quietly resigning without undue attention, Gilbert instead exploded with a wild barrage of defamatory public statements and reckless litigation, all funded by AFLDS donations, which he illegitimately directed under the guise of his role as a board member. He filed a frivolous lawsuit containing false and defamatory claims against Gold, which was quickly discredited and dismissed, and he further spent AFLDS funds in hiring several media hit men, including Chris Barron and the dubious Kevin Jenkins, to continue smearing Dr. Gold across numerous TV shows and media outlets.

As a result, Gold filed a lawsuit in Arizona on behalf of AFLDS against Gilbert, seeking judicial relief to remove him from the Board. Gilbert’s dishonesty in falsely accusing Gold was exposed by the Judge during a Preliminary Injunction hearing, as the Court’s formal statement declared his allegations to be untrue, and that Gilbert’s actions “smacked of self-dealing” while also confirming Gold’s leadership is requisite to the survival of AFLDS, and that the Board should work with Gold to resolve the conflicts amicably. Gilbert ignored this, instead distorting the Court’s statement with additional public defamations, and purported to fire not only Gold but the entire organization of nearly 50 people.

With Dr. Gold continuing to successfully lead the organization according to the status quo maintained by the Judge, the lawsuit against Gilbert was proceeding to discovery where further evidence of Gilbert’s misdeeds would be reviewed in open Court. Instead of facing the impending legal jeopardy and public shaming, Gilbert followed his lawyers’ abrupt departure, suddenly abandoning ship by submitting his own resignation, once again leaving a trail of deceptive, defamatory statements and financial corruption in his wake. Avenatti-Lite is now sinking fast.

Dr. Gold continues to work with the Arizona Court to maintain control of AFLDS and to uphold her commitment to the organization’s mission of exposing corruption, working tirelessly to restore complete integrity within the Board of Directors, as well as traveling the country for speaking engagements and other advocacy in defending civil liberties.

 “We must Drain the Science Swamp” she urges the public, as Gold and the AFLDS Affiliate Physicians continue to expose government and media propaganda and provide accurate, life-saving medical information.

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