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Disinformation – What It Is And Who’s Stopping It?

In the recent past, we brought you an issue brief regarding proposed Bill 2098 in California which allows the Medical Board to strip a physician of his or her license to practice medicine for writing mask or vaccine exemptions or sharing alternative treatments for Covid-19.  The enemy is calling anything that goes against the narrative “disinformation.” Anyone who questions is labeled as dangerous and even a threat to the health and safety of others. Of course, we know this fear-mongering is done only to further their tyrannical agenda of complete control.

Most of us are aware that California is ground zero for systematically yanking freedom from its citizens.  However, California is not alone.  Here we will explore which states are following in California’s footsteps and which states are stepping up to protect personal autonomy and our brave medical professionals.


When the Tennessee board of medicine attempted to create rules that would punish doctors for disinformation, state lawmakers swept into action and passed laws that prevented the board from exercising this totalitarian power. 

            NORTH DAKOTA 

North Dakota is the only other state besides Tennessee to pass a law protecting doctors from their medical board.


Florida filed many lawsuits in favor of freedom. They passed legislation that prohibited businesses from requiring proof of vaccination for employment. They stood up to a tyrannical federal government, rightfully pointing out that the federal COVID protocols prevented natural antibodies from helping. The Surgeon General encouraged life-saving and affordable treatment of COVID with Hydroxychloroquine. 


Kansas joined the lawsuit against the Biden regime to protect healthcare workers from a vaccine mandate. They enacted legislation that limited employers’ ability to institute vaccine mandates as a condition of employment and offered unemployment to those that were terminated as a result of refusing the poisonous jab. They passed further legislation protecting doctors who prescribed Ivermectin to treat COVID.


The state of Oregon revoked a doctor’s medical license because he advised his patients not to wear masks and did not follow the state’s Covid-19 protocols in his office. Remember, revoking a doctor’s license is the worst thing that can be done.  Having a license stripped means the doctor must immediately cease practicing. It also makes it incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to obtain a license in another state. Oregon effectively canceled this physician for not going along with their unconstitutional laws and restrictions on his ability to practice and treat patients in the way which he felt was safest.


In addition to Bill 2098 which California is currently attempting to pass, the California medical board has been hard at work putting doctors on notice for their “dangerous disinformation.” California has been sanctioning doctors.  One physician has even been forced to surrender his medical license after he was investigated for linking 5G towers to Covid-19. California has even gone so far as to threaten doctors who are not practicing but only exercising their constitutional rights to speak out against vaccines,  mandates, and supporting alternative treatments. 

            RHODE ISLAND

A physician in Rhode Island sent a letter to his patients suggesting that they do not receive the Covid-19 vaccine. The Department of Health determined that his letter constituted a “public health risk” and as a result, suspended his license. 


The state of Delaware reinforced the Biden regime’s healthcare worker mandates by requiring every state employee to be vaccinated. They boast that 98% of Delaware residents have taken the Covid-19 vaccine. Delaware sparked division among neighbors as they encouraged a nanny state for Covid-19 protocols while pushing for children as young as 6 months to take a vaccine that has no long terms testing results. The Attorney General recommends the poisonous drug Remdesivir as one of 5 options for Covid-19 treatment.  They sued businesses that did not take enough tyrannical measures during Covid-19.


Washington followed in line with much of what the most tyrannical states chose. They also required every state employee to be vaccinated, heartlessly terminating those that did not comply. They filed legal paperwork against businesses that did not institute enough tyrannical measures for COVID and provided a spreadsheet of exactly how to go after any business that did not comply. They warned people against taking Ivermectin for COVID.

We have only listed a few states in this memo and have provided only a glimpse into what is happening in our country. While some states passed laws protecting doctors, there are other states whose medical boards are not aggressively attacking physicians for Covid-19 disinformation. Additionally, while there are only three physicians listed who have met great sacrifice for standing for our freedoms, many more will likely follow them. Typically, actions take quite some time to process through the medical board and for a final decision to be rendered. This is why we have seen so few physicians' licenses revoked. Do not let these numbers fool you, thousands of physicians across the country (but especially in states like California) are under investigation for “disinformation” and will likely lose their ability to treat patients. If this tragedy is completed, we will have honest doctors that truly seek to cure patients not practicing medicine while those that will compromise and turn a blind eye for personal gain as the only options in healthcare.

It is of utmost importance that we continue to write to our legislatures and tell them that we support and encourage bills to PROTECT our doctors from their state medical boards. Ask your legislators to introduce and vote on bills that prevent the medical boards from disciplining doctors for Covid-19 disinformation. Encourage them to follow in the footsteps of Tennessee and North Dakota and stand for freedom and the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship. 

Our team at AFLDS is finalizing a comprehensive score-card that evaluates the Attorney General and Surgeon General of each state, based on their actions related to medical freedom.  Watch for it soon!